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Specific information about the FIWARE modules can be found [here](
## SEPA-Essentials
This sub project contains the main SEPA modules utilized in the SWAMP project.
After the installation of Docker as exemplified above. Run the following command.
cd SEPA-essentials/
To SEPA Services work properly you need to edit the variable SEPA_HOST on the docker-compose file (docker-compose.yml) by changing the value "localhost" to your local IP.
After this configuration run the following command to start the services.
docker-compose up -d
After the start run the following command.
docker-compose ps
The following output must be displayed on the terminal.
Name Command State Ports
swamp-sepa /bin/sh -c java -jar SEPAE ... Up>8000/tcp,>9000/tcp
swamp-sepa-mqttiotagent /bin/sh -c java -jar sepa. ... Up
swamp-virtuoso-db /bin/bash / Up>1111/tcp,>8890/tcp
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