Commit e1ded591 authored by Felipe Fonseca's avatar Felipe Fonseca
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Fixed method signature for OEDL generation

parent 553b10b4
......@@ -661,8 +661,8 @@ def get_slice_min_topology_and_oedl(request, slice_urn):
'full_topology': processed_topologies['topology'],
'custom_topology': custom_topology,
'min_topology': processed_topologies['min_topology'],
'start_oedl_template':, slice_resource),
'stop_oedl_template': OEDL.build_stop(custom_topology, slice_resource)
'start_oedl_template':, slice_resource, active_lease),
'stop_oedl_template': OEDL.build_stop(custom_topology, slice_resource, active_lease)
# print("Topology not located")
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